LIAM, Leissner Infrastructure & Access Manager

LIAM is a sales support system that enables analysis and presentation regarding which services that may be delivered on certain addresses, areas or phone-numbers. A comprehensive web based administration system where all information may be updated dynamically.

LIAM offers both a web based frontend and a web service backend (SOAP) to enable and utilize the system features.

Data sources

Information regarding which services that may be deliverd to what addresses  may consist of different data types, specific pre-configured addresses, areas drawn or uploaded (KML, GIS) or connected to phone stations.

DSL-connections relies on to which phone station and the distances between the station and subscriber. Other services such as fiber-networks are often either available to pre defined addresses (real estates) or areas (maps).

Calculations and thresholds

Configure rules regarding installation costs and thresholds of a connection enabling sales staff to directly find out the costs of a connection and whether or not it is possible to deliver.


Track and manage which customer that is connected to what endpoint in for instance a phone station and what equipment that is in use. By managing and documenting connections it is ensured that nothing is lost and that unprofitable or overloaded connections are discovered.