HSS/HLR with multiple IMSI and country support

HSS/HLR, developed in Sweden by Leissner, is a central subscriber database that contains details of each subscriber that is authorized to use the mobile core network. It is multi tenant and supports multi country code.

Leissner HSS/HLR

HSS/HLR is an essential core component that a mobile operator or MVNO needs to provide mobile services over GSMUMTS and LTE networks. Leissner has developed a cost-efficient, flexible and scalable MVNO/MVNE subscriber database solution using virtual server and Linux, and incorporated all the services of a powerful vHSS/vHLR (virtual) that a mobile virtual network operator needs.

HSS/HLR from Leissner includes advanced features such as multiple IMSI support. It provides your MVNE/MVNO setup with unique roaming services for every subscriber that will maximize your revenue and reduce operating costs (OPEX), while ensuring quality of customer experience. Redundancy for high reliability is always included.

HSS/HLR is part of a complete suite of mobile core components in Leissner MVNE/MVNO Mobile Core. This suite of flexible functionality empowers MVNO and MVNE to stay ahead of competition and gives low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Leissner HSS/HLR

Feature highlights

Steering of Roaming

Roaming policies can be set to use predefined, cost-efficient roaming networks.

Call Routing and SMS

Supports MT calls and SMS.

Multi Technologies

Leissner HSS/HLR supports different network technologies such as GSM, UMTS and LTE networks.

Reliable and Scalable

Leissner HSS/HLR use virtual servers, and the system is always delivered with a redundant pair for highest possible reliability. The system is built to be able to scale from thousands to millions of subscribers in this redundant pair. The HSS/HLR supports both single and multi IMSI subscriptions.


Leissner HSS/HLR uses Linux as operating system. Leissner HSS/HLR has an API that can easily be connected to operators and therefore makes it easy to configure and manage from existing provisioning systems, i.e. removal of individuals or user groups and restriction policies for specific destinations or groups.

Multi IMSI Support

Leissner HSS/HLR supports multiple IMSI for every subscriber to provide unique roaming services.

Multi IMSI Key Benefits:

  • Wide range of supported roaming services
  • Scalable according to network growth
  • Flexible system configuration
  • Proven reliability
  • Supports all range of services – Voice, SMS and Data

The Leissner HSS/HLR solution is designed to handle:

  • CAMEL voice services
  • Several service providers can use one Leissner HSS/HLR installation

HSS/HLR features

Features HSS HLR
Services Authentication
Operator Determined Barring
Supplementary Services
Speech transmission services
Call forwarding
Technologies GSM
Evolved HSPA (HSPA+)
LTE Advanced
Signaling & Protocols SS7
Interfaces C, D, Gr
Security AUC
Operations SOAP API
Architecture VMware
Dedicated Intel based server
Operating System Debian

● = Standard function, included
○ = Optional function