Leissner Data is one of the oldest IT companies in Sweden and has delivered innovative communication solutions for operators and organizations since 1969.

Over the years, Leissner Data has become a renowned company in the industry for their expertise and contributed to a number of standards, innovations in IP and telecommunications.

Leissner Data is a part of Leissner Group that also includes Gotanet – an established Swedish operator with a product portfolio that includes broadband, fixed, IP and mobile telephony to B2C and B2B. Gotanet is also mobile MVNE and offers MVNO/SP services to innovated operators.

Leissner Data has developed all components that is needed by MVNE/MVNO such as GGSN/PGW, HLR/HSS, SMSC, MMSC etc. These components are branded Plextone and all can be installed on a virtual server with Linux.

Leissner Data’s strength is the flexible and customer oriented development of new and existing functionality for operators in telecommunications industry. Leissner Data has over the years a well-known track record of delivering stable and secure software for telecom operator systems.

Leissner Data’s vision is to contribute in breaking up the domination of large telecom operators by delivering cost efficient software and establish interoperability for new fast growing independent operators.

Leissner Group has offices in Trollhättan and Gothenburg, Sweden.