MVNE/MVNO Mobile Core – designed with quality in mind

MVNE/MVNO Mobile Core, developed in Sweden by Leissner, is a suite of mobile core components providing a flexible mobile setup with unique functionality that can be customized to fit any operator that provides mobile services as MVNE or MVNO.

Leissner has developed a cost-efficient and scalable MVNE/MVNO Mobile Core platform using virtual servers and Linux, and incorporated all the services needed in a GSMUMTSLTE and 5G NR network. Leissner has a proven track record of interoperability with numerous Mobile Network Operators – MNO – in different parts of the world, and all functions can be installed on virtual servers. MVNE/MVNO Mobile Core can be delivered as SaaS or as software to be installed in your own datacenter.

MVNE/MVNO Mobile Core has all components needed to build a platform that stays ahead of the competition to a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The Leissner MVNE/MVNO platform consists of several components for example: PGW/GGSN, HSS/HLRGMSC and SMSC, using virtual servers and industry standard Linux. These components can be delivered as stand alone systems or as part of a complete full MVNO Core delivered by Leissner. The MVNE/MVNO Mobile Core can be distributed either on your premise or as a hosted solution, with managed service options providing further operational flexibility to the MVNE or MVNO (sometime called VMNO) depending on IT strategy. Leissner Mobile Core architecture is provided tailor made to support your business model. From a manageable HSS/HLR setup with a flexible roaming solution for multi IMSI support, to full setup of a Mobile Core enabling maximum customer experience with built-in redundancy for high carrier grade reliability.

MVNE/MVNO Mobile Core

MVNE/MVNO Platform Components


Packet gateway


Central subscriber database


Charging of data, voice and messages


Voice softswitch


Proxy GTP traffic

MVNE/MVNO reference – Hutchison 3G

Leissner Mobile Core solution has already been successfully deployed since 2012 for Hutchison 3G in Sweden, providing more than ten MVNOs and 100 000+ active SIM cards with flexible individual services supporting different business models.

Key Features for MVNE/MVNO Mobile Core platform

  • Pay as you grow business model makes the platform efficient and reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • Leissner MVNE/MVNO Mobile Core components are always delivered as a package supporting 2G, 3G and 4G, which reduces the TCO.
  • Highest possible network resiliency by using load sharing over multiple instances of Leissner core system components.
  • Support for true real-time data charging of subscription in home and roamed network by using OCS.
  • Built on top of virtualized servers and industry standard Linux operating system.
  • Host multiple MVNOs on one Mobile Core platform
  • Customize your approach to each MVNO with individual sets of services
  • Easily integrate with MVNOs’ provisioning and CRM systems using an external API that can be connected from third party systems
  • Operational flexibility to manage an array of present and future services