GMSC is a standardized voice softswitch for MVNOs

GMSC voice softswitch, developed in Sweden by Leissner, launched in 2002 and is used with good experience by more than 10 telecom operators. It is a standardized voice softswitch that MVNOs need to route voice calls outside the mobile network.

Leissner GMSC

Leissner Operator Switch is a flexible GMSC that interacts with the HSS/HLR to obtain routing information for voice calls that are going to be routed outside the mobile network.

Operator Switch has a proven track record of interoperability with numerous telecom operators.

It is part of a complete suit of mobile core components in Leissner MVNE/MVNO Mobile Core. This suit of flexible functionality empower MVNO and MVNE to stay ahead of competition and gives low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Leissner Operator Switch is a feature-rich highly scalable switching telephony platform who operators need to launch their next-generation mobile- and IP services combined with existing solutions. Leissner Operator Switch is a cost-efficient and scalable Operator Switch is designed to be installed on a virtual server with a Linux operating system.

Leissner Operator Switch is full-featured telecom switching platform providing advanced class 4 transit services and extensive class 5 end-user services across any type of IP- or TDM-based infrastructure. Leissner Operator Switch can be used in virtually any all-IP or hybrid VoIP deployment.