PGW/GGSN for MVNOs to stay ahead of competition

PGW/GGSN, developed in Sweden by Leissner, is a standardized packet core component that operators and MVNOs need between the GSM, UMTSLTE and 5G NR network and the Internet.

Leissner has developed a cost-efficient and scalable gateway using virtual servers and Linux, and incorporated all the services of a powerful vPGW/vGGSN (virtual) in an easy-to-manage service. Leissner has a proven track record of interoperability with numerous Mobile Network Operators – MNO – in different parts of the world.

PGW/GGSN is a part of a complete suite of mobile core components in Leissner MVNE/MVNO Mobile Core. This suite of flexible functionality empowers MVNO and MVNEs to stay ahead of competition and gives low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

PGW/GGSN highlights

  • “Pay as your business grows” makes it a cost efficient PDN Gateway
  • Easily add more Leissner PGW/GGSN on different geographical locations to improve performance and reduce latency for travelling subscribers.
  • Leissner PGW/GGSN is always delivered as a package supporting 2G/3G/4G and 5G NR, which reduces the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).
  • Highest possible network resiliency using load sharing over multiple instances of Leissner PGW/GGSN.
  • Support for true real-time data charging of subscription in home and roamed network.
  • Smooth software release upgrade of PGW/GGSN during business hours.
  • Built on top of Red Hat/Rocky Linux industry standard Linux operating systems.
Leissner PGW/GGSN

PGW/GGSN features

Features PGW GGSN
Services Inter-RAT handover/reselection
Inter-SGSN/SGW handover/reselection
Corporate (or Private) APN
802.1q VLANs
IP Whitelist
Internal IP address assignment
Protocols IPv4 and IPv6
Interfaces Gn, Gp and Gi
S5, S8 and SGi
Gx and Gy
Technologies GSM
Capacity Up to 2 000 000 IP-sessions per instance
More than 4 Gbit/s per instance
Architecture VMware
Dedicate Intel based server
Operating System Red Hat Enterprise
Rocky Linux

● = Standard function, included
○ = Optional function