Operator Switch

Leissner® Operator Switch is a flexible telephony platform that can be used as GMSC in a mobile MVNO/MVNE core, or as primary softswitch for VoIP services. Operator Switch from Leissner is needed by any corporation at any market that wants to be a service provider for mobile or fixed telephone services.

Operator Switch is a feature-rich, highly scalable switching telephony platform with a proven track record of interoperability with numerous telecom operators using SIP, SS7 or other signalling protocols. Operator Switch is a cost-efficient and scalable voice softswitch and can be installed on a virtual server with Linux operating system.


Leissner® Operator Switch is a fully-featured GMSC or VoIP telecom switching platform, providing advanced class 4 transit services and extensive class 5 end-user services across any type of IP or TDM based infrastructure. Leissner® Operator Switch can be used in virtually any all-IP or hybrid VoIP deployment.

Functional group Function
Subscriber Services Anonymous Call Rejection
Call Barring
Call Forward
Call Transfer
Call Waiting
Individual Abbreviated Dialing
Last Number Redial
Fixed and Mobile Convergence Unique number for fix and mobile terminal
Flexible routing of incoming calls
Network Services ACQ
Call rerouting on failure
Destination call routing
Lawful Interception
Voicemail / Unified Messaging
Session Border Controller Signaling converting
Signaling control and filtering
TCP Transport and Internetworking
UDP Transport and Internetworking
Transparent to and independent of codecs
RTP Media flow-through
NAT/PAT Traversal
Network / Topology Hiding
TLS encryption
Numbering E.164 Nat / Int
Private Number plans
Hardware  Signaling Gateway (STM-1/E1)
Media gateway (STM-1/E1)
Operating System Linux
Signaling and Protocols ISDN PRI – Network side
ISDN PRI – User side