OCS is a product for online charging of data, voice and messaging services

Plextone® OCS is an essential component a mobile operator or an MVNO needs to provide mobile services with real-time billing.

Each service can be charged according to a price plan or consumed per unit from a volume. Subscribers, price plans and buckets are provisioned via a web service.

Plextone® OCS is designed to be installed on virtual servers with Linux operating system.


Plextone® OCS is flexible and can be customized for different telecom operator’s needs. The Plextone® OCS system consists of three nodes: Plextone® CCA, Plextone® gsmSCF and Plextone® Diameter Server.

Plextone® CCA

Plextone® CCA handles real-time billing:

  • Supports SOAP for provisioning.
  • Supports advanced price plans.
  • Credit limit.
  • Volume limit per service.
  • Roaming credit limit to avoid bill shock.
  • Zone pricing.
  • Currency transparent.
  • Price plans can be configured per MSISDN.
  • Configurable triggers for low volume notifications to a web service or Plextone SMSgateway.

Plextone gsmSCF

Plextone gsmSCF handles the communication with the MSC for the services originating voice, terminating
voice and originating SMS.

  • Supports M3UA.
  • Supports CAPv1 and CAPv2 for MO-Voice and MT-Voice.
  • Supports CAPv3 for MO-SMS.
  • Multiple Plextone CCAs can be used with different service keys.

Plextone Diameter Server

Plextone Diameter Server handles the communication with the GGSN/PGW for the data service.

  • Supports DCCA.

A SMSC or MMSC can use Plextone OCS for online charging of originating SMS or MMS.