SMSC, SMS Center

Plextone SMSC is a flexible product that fulfills all messaging needs of a mobile operator.

Plextone SMSC technical specification

  • Can be deployed on most GNU/Linux distributions. Debian is preferred.
  • Can be installed on a virtual server.
  • Supports the SS7 interfaces MAPv1, MAPv2 and MAPv3 for MO- and MT-SMS
  • Supports the IP interface SMPP v3.4
  • A rate limit (SMS per second) can be configured for each SMPP connection.
  • Different global titles can be used when sending MT-SMS.
  • MT-SMS can be routed either via SS7 or SMPP.
  • Different retry schedules can be configured when delivering MT-SMS depending on MAP error cause.
  • Can be used together with Plextone HLR to receive MT-SMS.
  • Incoming MT-SMS can be routed to IP or trigger a script handling the message.
  • Two CDR:s are created for every SMS. One when the SMS is received and one when the SMS is delivered.
  • Prepaid is supported together with Plextone Cost Control Application Server.


Functional group Function
Services Mobile Originated and Mobile Terminated SMS
Outgoing MT-SMS can be routed via SS7 or SMPP
Incoming MT-SMS can be routed to IP or trigger scripted functions
Support for prepaid customers (requires Plextone Cost Control Application Server)
CDR generation on reception and delivery of SMS
Signaling & Protocols SS7 interfaces MAPv1, MAPv2 and MAPv3
SMPP v3.4
Can use multiple global titles when sending MT-SMS
Flexible retry-schedules to provide optimum message delivery
Security Validation of mobile user subscription and account balance
SMPP username/password authentication
SMPP rate limiting for each connection
Operating System Linux
Capacity Hundreds of sms/second
100 000+ users