LOM, Leissner Order Manager

Leissner Order Manager (LOM) is a powerful tool to collect, manage and deliver orders. It all begins with the basics of defining a product.

Collect orders

Tell the system what you want to sell, its attributes and characteristics. Once defined LOM may automatically generate order web-forms to be integrated into your website.


To get from an order to a delivery may require multiple steps and actions. It is important that nothing gets missed in order to ensure a successful delivery. Delivery flows are connected to products where every action required to complete a successful delivery is defined.

Delivery staff manage orders in the systems web interface, entering an open order quickly lets the staff member view the next step in the delivery flow and each step in the chain must be completed before the next may be started.


No two delivery flows are the same – the differences in mailing equipment and provisioning mobile subscriptions is huge. Delivery flows that rely on provisioning a configuring external system may be automated. LOM supports external SOAP-communication out of the box. Configure what information that is sent to the external system and collect the result to be used in the following steps.


A delivery may require actions from multiple departments and resources. Each stage in the delivery flow belongs to a delivery group. Different staff members may belong to different delivery groups. The system ensures that orders that are active in a certain group is only viewed by that groups members. This enables staff to only focus on orders currently needing their attention.

Close the order

Leissner Order Manager has support of order signing using BankID and Mobile BankID. By signing an order directly in the web-browser, manual steps such as signing of order forms and sending these to the company may be avoided thus enabling faster and smoother deliveries for the customer.