Billing with rating, mediation and bucket handling

Billing, developed in Sweden by Leissner is a well proven BSS/OSS system that solves all the needs for a telecom operator from subscription provisioning to advanced telecom functionality such as rating, mediation and bucket management. 

Billing from Leissner is a combined business support system and operation support system, BSS/OSS. The system is well proven of large number of telecom operators since the launch in 2005. Billing from Leissner can be used in various setups for managing invoicing to B2C, B2B or wholesale functionality for a MVNE. The system manage multiple services presented on a single invoice to the customer.

The system is flexible and can be customized for different customer needs. Billing can be anything from a simple rating engine for the pricing of phone calls, to a complete system for delivery, rating and invoicing. To minimize the risk for over cunsumption of buckets, real time billing can be achieved in combination with an OCS platform from Leissner.

To follow the telecom operators needs of low cost of ownership, Leissner has a pay as you go business model. All Leissner systems is designed to be installed on a virtual server with a Linux operating system, scaling from a small operator up to the needs of a large operators with wholesale or reseller functionality.

Billing schematics

Customer Management

Leissner Billing system has its own internal customer database. The system’s customer database supports grouping of the major customers and clients on several levels. Customers on a lower level can be assigned its own billing address or can be billed through the main customer or overhead customer level.

Service and contract management

The billing system has a simple and flexible functionality for defining the different services and contracts. Services can be named freely and assigned various billing-related features such as default rates, billing intervals and so on.

Fraud handling

Fraud handling is performed by a separated module in Leissner Billing named, Leissner Fraud Detection. The system is used to identify, notify and where appropriate, act against suspected fraud in fixed or mobile telephony services. Fraud handling makes use of CDR files to analyze traffic patterns with a range of defined destinations, groups, and rates.

  • By utilizing a hot-CDR flow directly from the phone switches, the system can instantly tell what’s happening in the network.
  • Analyze call behavior in both directions with previous reference periods in order to detect a significant deviation in call behavior.
  • You can set different limits on different destinations and also group dangerous destinations together in order to detect attacks spread over multiple endpoints.
  • The system checks for deviations regarding both the number of calls and call duration.
  • Choose how the system behaves once a deviation is detected; the system may both raise the alarm and take automatic action by contacting remote systems via API.
  • Endlessly scalable – There is no restriction of how many limits you can configure. You can have one limit for a country, another for a region in the country and a third for a specific endpoint.

Price lists and pricing/rating

Telecom Billing from Leissner handles an unlimited number of price lists and types of rates  one-time fees, periodic fees and usage charges. It is easy to manually add non-recurring items related to projects or similar. There are functions for managing master price lists and price lists, where the price lists inherit rates from the overlying level.

The system can also handle different types of discount pricing. Discount price can be based on individual client/customer groups, time periods/intervals, destinations, and can be stated as a percentage of the regular price or fixed discount.

Pricing of telephone calls can be made at three levels: The operator’s cost of the call, retail price and the end user price. It is possible to monitor timestamps and margins of the individual calls.

Billing features

Functional Group Features Rating WHS Retail
Subscription handling Single subscriber price plan
Multi subscriber price plan
Customer Management
Service and contract management
Roaming pricing
EU Roam Like At Home
Sales ledger
Subscription credit blocking and alarms
Provisioning of subscriptions
Billing Clearing house connections and electronic invoice
Reseller management
Bucket managing
Fraud handling Fraud detection
E-mail notification
SMS notification
Automatic blocking
Customized configuration of fraud handling
Operations Web interface
Multi Language
Customizable user levels
2-factor authentication
API integration
Fraud handling
Billing development
Architecture VMware
Dedicated Intel based server
SQL database

● = Standard function, included
○ = Optional function